About Us

YAD is a program of JEWISHcolorado which engages Jewish adults ages 21-45 in Jewish life. Driven by the mission of the JEWISHcolorado “We secure, steward, and share philanthropic and human resources in support of vibrant Jewish life in Colorado, Israel, and around the world.  We also mobilize the Jewish community in times of need.” The Department has a dramatic impact through a myriad of programs, joint ventures, collaborations, sponsorship of other events, and grassroots initiatives.  In 2012 YAD had more than 3,600 participants of which more than 1,000 were unique that year.  YAD is the largest engager of Jewish young adults in Colorado and is positioned for continued expansion.  With the vision to build our community in a sustainable way, YAD designed a strategy to impact young adults in three categories; Live Jewish, Give Jewish and Lead Jewish.

    • LIVE JEWISH”: To create a meaningful Jewish community, and invigorate the next generation to “Live Jewish” through participating in Jewish communal programs, Tikkun Olam, learning Jewish values, and creating community.
    • GIVE JEWISH”: To engage the next generation in understanding the value of Tzedakah and the importance of supporting the Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado and the Jewish world.
    • LEAD JEWISH”: To increase Jewish interest, identity and commitment to the Jewish people through leadership roles within Federation, the broader Jewish community, and programming specific to developing leadership skills.

Are you a YAD’er (YAD’ers are self identified Jews between the ages of 21-45)?  If so, we want you!  Check out our site, find something you like, get involved or ask us a question.  Any question will do!