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NYL Summer Trip to Israel

National Young Leadership Trip to Israel

What is this trip all about? Join hundreds of adults 22-45 years old from around North America for an incredible summer experience in Israel that’s way more than skin deep.

Don’t just see Israel through the window of a bus – experience Israel as you kayak the headwaters of the Jordan River, climb Masada before dawn, and meet with members of the IDF. Plus, get an insider’s look at how Federation, the most effective Jewish community-building organization on the planet, unites and cares for Jews in Israel and around the world.

Who attends this trip? The National Young Leadership Summer Trip to Israel will include hundreds of young professionals, ages 22 to 45. We expect a diverse group – people from all across North America, from many backgrounds, involved in a myriad of professions and volunteer activities, married and single, etc. There is no typical participant – all are unique and welcome!

Dates: June 30th – July 8th 2014 (Dates subject to change)

For information on last year’s trip and to learn more go to http://www.nextgenjews.org/summer-trip.aspx

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