YAD is on the Rise

18 December, 2013 by Devon Schad in General

YAD is on the Rise!

First a little learning lesson.  One way YAD looks at its’ success is by measuring participation in two ways.  The first is the number of unique participants, which removes duplication from participants attending multiple events/programs. It answers the question, “How many people have attended an event/program?”  The other way to count participants is the number of total participants, which measures all instances of participation in events/programs and allows for the same people to have been at multiple events/programs. This measure answers the question, “Are participants coming back for more?  Are we creating programs of interest and garnering repeat attendance?”

A quick example and then we will get back to how YAD is on the Rise!  Say 20 people attended the recent happy hour.  We then have had 20 unique participants and 20 total participants.  Now, suppose they each attend two more happy hours.  The number of unique participants is still 20 (because it is the same 20 attending all the happy hours), but the number of total participants is now 60 (20 times 3).

Now that you are an expert in understanding numbers and one way to look at impact here is what’s been happening.  In 2012 YAD had 1000 unique participants and 3,600 total participants.  An incredible number for our size community!  Since then we have added staff, rolled out a new dynamic YAD Committee, launched new initiatives, strengthened current programming, secured funding and have continued our path of unprecedented growth.

We are happy to report we have grown our numbers for 2013 to 1,400 unique participants and 4,000 total participants.  A 40% increase since last year in unique.  It’s even hard for us to think of 1,400 Jews in their 20’s, 30’s and early 40’s we know, but that’s why we have technology to hold that information for us.

Thanks to everyone that has and continues to be a part of this amazing community we have in Colorado.  We look forward to continuing our quest at making Colorado an incredible place to be Jewish now and for the future!

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